JUMP is the leading social enterprise working with organisations and individuals to close the gap between women and men at work, achieve sustainable corporate performance and create a more equal society.

Tools & Products

  • forum


    The event for advancing gender equality at work

    The JUMP Forum is an annual event in Brussels, Paris and Lyon dedicated to boosting gender equality at work and advancing women’s careers.

    Save the date 2017!

    Brussels: 21st March 2017 at Vlerick Business School
    Paris: 1st  June 2017
    Lyon: 5th October 2017 at BioMérieux

  • hub


    The corporate gender equality network

    The JUMP Hub is the network of corporate diversity officers dedicated to the exchange of best practices on gender equality at work.

    4 May 2017

    Diversity training & development: what works, what doesn’t.How to ensure a positive and lasting impact.

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  • survey2


    The knowledge centre for gender equality at work

    JUMP Studies analyse women, men and corporate practices on gender equality to provide models for change.

    Read the results of our latest survey :
    My experience of sexism

  • award


    The corporate ambassador for gender equality

    The Wo.Men@Work Award rewards the CEO who works hardest to achieve gender equality at work.

    2 ways to participate:
    – Apply for free to be the new Corporate gender equality ambassador
    – Apply to become a jury member
    Please contact: isabella.lenarduzzi@jump.eu.com

    The Wo.Men@Work Award ceremony will be organised within the JUMP Forum on the 21st of March 2017.

  • blog


    The web platform for advancing women at work

    The JUMP Blog is a multilingual web platform and e-newsletter with inspiring tips and corporate best practices to empower women and advance their careers.

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  • academy


    Workshops to boost gender equality at work

    The JUMP Academy offers organisations customised workshops to drive their diversity networks, boost their female talent pool and train their managers in gender equality

JUMP Brochure

Why JUMP is pink?

Using pink is daring to make a bold statement.
Pink can be powerful, feminine and a business colour too.

Pink is symbolic of femininity. It’s also a colour that a growing number of influential women and those heading for new horizons are very comfortable to identify with because it stands for female authenticity.

We no longer have to hide our femininity and core values or adapt them to the dominant leadership style in order to progress in our careers. Women in today’s workplace, even those in top positions in old-style male-dominated environments, can now express their feminine values with pride.

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